Welcome! This page offers resources for two database applications:

  • A new application that Breeding Insight is developing to streamline user workflows for any BrAPI compliant database, like BreedBase.

  • BreedBase, an application for breeding management developed by the Lukas Mueller laboratory at Boyce Thompson Institute.

We hope this information will assist you with becoming more familiar and comfortable with database storage for your breeding program.

Database Resources

I. Creating a BreedBase User Account

II. Uploading trials into BreedBase via BreedBase

III. Designing and viewing field maps in BreedBase

IV. BreedBase FAQ

V. Hybrid Instructions for BI Platform / BreedBase in Transition

VI. Manual for BI Platform


Questions? For questions about these instructions, please contact your BI coordinator.

  • Blueberry, Rainbow Trout, Atlantic Salmon: The BI coordinator for these species is Dongyan Zhao,

  • Table Grape, Sweetpotato, Strawberry: The BI coordinator for these species is Chris Strock,

  • Alfalfa, Cranberry, Oat, Hemp: The BI coordinator for these species is Craig Beil,

  • Pecan: The BI coordinator for pecan is Shawn Yarnes,

  • Honeybee, Sorghum: The BI coordinator for these species is Moira Sheehan,


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