Breeding Insight's Resources for Field Book

Welcome! These are resources for using the Field Book phenotyping app with a BreedBase instance for a specific species (such as LettuceBase, SalmonBase, BlueberryBase, etc.). The instructions are also available as a slide deck.

We hope this information will assist you with becoming more familiar and comfortable with collecting information in Field Book and storing it in BreedBase.

Tips as you get started:

  • Hyperlinks: Right-click to open the hyperlinks in these instructions as new tabs.

  • Feedback: Please provide! You are encouraged to enter observations, questions, and comments. Please do so by clicking the comment icon in the upper-right corner of the page.



Resources for Field Book:

I. Hardware and Device Recommendations

II. Creating a BreedBase User Account

III. Using Field Book with BreedBase Instances

IV. Capturing Photos with Field Book

V. Exporting Data Locally from Field Book

VI. Field Book FAQ


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